Top 8 Brian Acton Inspiring Quotes

Brian Acton is known as an ethical business person as he left $850 Million behind from the deal of Whatsapp – Facebook that he found along with Jan Koum.

Acton rejected the proposal by Facebook to run targeted ads on Whatsapp to their users post-Facebook buy off of WhatsApp.

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1. You never want to be in a position where you can’t make payroll.

Brian Acton Quote

2. When I joined ‘WhatsApp,’ I was 38 years old. Opportunity is available to us in all walks of life and at all ages.

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3. Companies that have been built and operated for a long time are the most successful companies.

Brian Acton Quotes

4. Building secure products actually makes for a safer world; many people in law enforcement may not agree with that.

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5. I think every acquisition is unique and different. The best strategy is to listen to the founders and follow their lead.

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6. My DNA is building a product and a service.

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7. For me specifically, it was important to graduate. In my family, I was one of the first graduates. My mom did not have a college degree. My dad did not have a college degree.

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8. I myself saw Yahoo become a $100 billion company and then become a $10 billion company, so you always have to look at valuations with a grain of salt and understand it is a point-in-time measure.

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