7 Inspiring Jim McKelvey Quotes

Jim McKelvey is the Co-Founder of “Square” a mobile payments company along with Jack Dorsey who is also the Founder of “Twitter”. Jim is an American entrepreneur, businessperson and philanthropist.

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1. If you can’t be persuasive to get people to believe your crazy idea, you can just go ahead and build it.

Jim Mckelvey Quote
2. People who solve problems are happier.

Jim Mckelvey lessons
3. We tend to believe that things are impossible are very possible.

Jim Mckelvey Quotes
4. Everyone needs someone to tell them not to wear so much Prada.

Jim Mckelvey
5. When I was 19 years old, I wrote my first book. I took a computer science class, and the book was garbage. I thought I could write a better one, so I did.

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6. I don’t run any of my companies. I always partner with somebody who wants to operate.

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7. I’m not particularly good at running things when once they get to a certain level. Once it gets routine, get me out of the way.

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