Vishal Mega Mart Inspiring Story

Vishal (Mega Mart) Retail Ltd, a company engaged in Hypermarket stores with an average area of 25,000 to 30,000 sq. ft.through an impressive chain of 172 fully integrated stores spread over more than 24,00,000 sq. ft. in around 129 cities across India.

vishal mega mart


One of the pioneers of retailing in India, is represented through its 322 brick and mortar stores across the length and breadth of the country.

Their value proposition is -best price, best assortment and best quality.


Vishal Mega Mart

Ram Chandra Agarwal started Vishal Mega Mart in Kolkata in 1986, in a 100 sq ft shop in Lal Bazaar. He started with around Rs 100,000, for which he had to take out a loan as well as dip into family savings. He was the first businessperson to introduce “Hypermarkets” to Indians.


Vishal Mega Mart

Gunender Kapur is the CEO of Vishal Mega Mart.

He is an Independent Non-Executive Director at Mercator Ltd. and Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director at TPG Wholesale Pvt Ltd.


Vishal Mega Mart

There is not one particular owner of Vishal Mega Mart it has a board of directors who manage the business on a daily & strategic way.

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Head office

Vishal Mega Mart Head office

Vishal Mart’s headquarters is in Gurgaon, Haryana.


Vishal Mega Mart logo

Mega Mart Timing

Vishal Mega Mart time

Vishal Mart timings are from 10 am to 10 pm


Vishal Mart website is:

Corporate Office

Vishal Mega Mart corporate

Vishal Mega Mart Pvt Ltd (Head Office), Udyog Vihar Industrial Area Phase 1 – Corporate Companies in Gurgaon, Delhi

Ram Chandra Agarwal Success Story

The Founder of Vishal Mega Mart Ram Chandra Agarwal is born in a poor family & he was affected by Polio at a young age but it did not stop him from achieving his dreams.

Vishal Mega Mart

Though he had these constraints he completed his graduation with his family’s support & started his first store in Kolkata in 1986, in a 100 sq ft shop in Lal Bazaar. It was a struggle but he slowly learned the various tricks of selling in a retail set up.

He got his inspiration from big retail stores like “Walmart” or “Sears” & was the first to launch “Hypermarkets” in India.

Currently Vishal Mart has a strength of 322 physical stores with a revenue of Rs. 2,252 Crores as of August 2019.

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