Jim McKelvey (Square) Success Story

Jim McKelvey is the Co-Founder of “Square” a mobile payments company along with Jack Dorsey who is also the Founder of “Twitter”. Jim is an American entrepreneur, businessperson and philanthropist.

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Jim McKelvey Wife

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McKelvey Networth

The estimated Net Worth of James Morgan Jr. Mc Kelvey is at least $1.3Billion dollars as of October 2019.


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In 2009, McKelvey co-founded Square with Jack Dorsey. McKelvey designed the hardware used by Square in 2009 and served as the company’s chairman until 2010. In 2011, McKelvey’s card reader design was inducted into the Museum of Modern Art.

Today, McKelvey sits on the Board of Directors at Square.

McKelvey Invisibly

Jim McKelvey Invisibly

He recently founded another company “Invisibly” which works on “Digital Content Monetization” to build better relationships between Publisher-Advertiser-Customer trio.

You can watch more about Invisibly here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-kN3mWv4II

McKelvey Speaker

Jim McKelvey is a dynamic public speaker who combines his energy with his practical experience working with executives and various companies.

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In his speeches, Jim discusses how market demand is the driving force of innovation and how great entrepreneurs and innovators recognize a need and react, creating the companies that consumers embrace.

He was named one of Inc. Magazine’s” 15 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2015″

You can book “Jim McKelvey” to speak at your conference through this link:

Jim McKelvey Success Story

Jim McKelvey is a Jack of many Trades.

He has started multiple things in his life right from “Glass Blowing” to being a co-founder of “Square” , to being a Founder of “Cultivation Capital”, “Money on Mobile” & “Invisibly”.

Mckelvey is also is active in Philanthropy.In September 2013, McKelvey co-founded LaunchCode, a non-profit organization that aims to grow new talent and create pathways to on-the-job training and employment.

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